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Sponsor A Dancer


BCMCD strongly believes that dance should be inclusive to all. Our Sponsor A Dancer Program is designed to provide accessible dance opportunities to everyone in our community! Our goal offering this program is to enrich lives through dance by supporting those who would otherwise not be able to financially afford to participate.

How To Sponsor A Dancer

A dancer who's family would not otherwise be able to afford for their child to participate in dance programing may be financially supported by a sponsor like you!

Sponsorship Options Based On Our Monthly Class Rates For One Weekly Class:

$36 for dancers ages 0-5

$46 for dancers ages 6-10

$58 for dancers ages 10+

Sponsors can choose to fund a single month for a dancer or an entire term. The full term rate would be the monthly rate listed above multiplied by the number of months left in the current term. Sponsors can also choose to assist with the funds needed for the dancer's class uniform such as shoes, leotards, etc. We also accept donations towards this program that will accumulate to sponsor a dancer.

If you would like to sponsor a dancer, email 

Becoming A Sponsored Dancer


If you have a child who would love the opportunity to learn dance, we want to help you! To apply for our funding, please send an email to us at explaining your situation and why you believe your child would benefit from our programing. We encourage you to send any additional materials like drawings or letters from your child expressing their love of dance. 

Based on need and funding, we will develop a waiting list for those who apply for this programing.

Your family would be contacted to commence classes when a sponsor comes forward. 

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